AddSecure enhances the functionalities of Co-Driver

AddSecure's Co-Driver is enriched with new services resulting from recent developments to optimize transport operations.

Co-Driver is enriched with new services resulting from recent developments to optimize transport operations.

After a year marked by the overhaul of Vehco solutions under the AddSecure brand and the integration within the global fleet management offer “AddSecure Smart Transport”, AddSecure announces the availability of an enriched version of the Co-Driver application. It takes full benefit of the multiple developments operated by AddSecure since 2019 to offer companies and their drivers advanced functionalities:

  • Social Management: Co-Driver includes functionality for managing drivers’ activity and rest times. In addition, the application facilitates the fees calculation, which benefits both the operations and the administrative & financial departments. The AddSecure Social management allows, from a single system, to export information related to the fees calculation and the salaries administration.
  • Qualified activities: depending on their business, companies have the possibility to configure the activities that the driver will be able to declare on the application. Co-Driver allows then an analytical study of the different actions carried out by the drivers inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Document management: with the Co-Driver App, drivers have the possibility to receive and consult on their smartphone or tablet a set of dematerialized documents (safety protocols, loading and delivery instructions…) sent by the transport manager. In connection with the geofence, documents can be automatically sent to a driver when approaching a delivery site for example. It is also possible for drivers to share photos (damages, proof of delivery,…) by taking a picture with their tablet or Smartphone using the document management service.
  • e-CMR : the AddSecure Mission module integrates an electronic CMR service in partnership with SMS Labruyère. In order to avoid re-entry, the electronic waybills are created from the mission data in the application and then accessible to drivers to have the recipients sign on their smartphone. Paper-based administrative tasks and manual errors are reduced.

“The Transport industry requires secure, reliable and innovative IT solutions to manage vehicles fleet data. AddSecure’s new solutions help companies to digitize their transports by helping them to automate their work processes and rationalize their operations. Our solutions deliver significant time and cost savings, simplified administration and fleet management, and improved the companies carbon footprint, all through a single system to manage all fleet data” says Olivier Datry, Country Manager AddSecure France.

“After the successful implementation of the AddSecure tablets in our fleet, the digitisation projects for the SAMAT Group continue with the launch of the eCMR and Document Management projects. The objective is to continue to improve the reliability of our exchanges with our customers, our logistics partners and our drivers. In addition, with the COVID crisis, the need to know how to manage the “Zero Paper” option has been added. This last point undoubtedly accelerates dematerialization projects and reinforces the SAMAT Group in its choice of digitisation,” says Antoine Baron, Director of Information Systems, Groupe Samat.

All of AddSecure’s solutions are based on secure critical communications and in addition, the company intends to take advantage of the synergies between its Smart Transport and its other business areas such as Smart Alarms etc. in order to continue to constantly enrich its global offer to transport companies. In the coming weeks, a new alarm module will be available on the Co-Driver portal. It will allow transport managers to configure different types of alarms in order to anticipate malfunctions and avoid violations or deviation.