Connexas is rebranded AddSecure

Following the acquisition of Connexas in May 2020, the UK based smart transport solutions provider is rebranded AddSecure. This is a logical name change for Connexas and will tie the data-driven offering to the transport sector closer to AddSecure's core business of providing secure data and critical communications.

The asset tracking platform

What is the purpose of the re-branding?

The rebranding reinforces Connexas’ commitment to grow its customer and industry-based solutions for the transport sector. As the logistics industry requires more business-critical software solutions, “secure data and critical communications“ will be increasingly important for logistic companies and a strong differentiator.

While the company’s name has changed, our people and purpose have not. Our customers will have access to the broadest and most complete offering on the market today.

Johan Frilund, Managing Director, AddSecure Smart Transport (former Vehco)

Smart Transport services

Why is it important to secure data and critical communications?

We live in an increasingly connected world, where sensor-based and Internet-connected devices multiply. This makes it more important than ever to handle data and critical communications in a secure way. This is AddSecures take on it.