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Connect IoT provides an easy-to-use secure communication service for monitoring and remote access.

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The number of connected devices is rising sharply, which enable smarter operations in many industries, but also increases the risk for malicious attacks. To securely connect devices to other machines and systems can be challenging and require detailed IT competence.


Connect IoT is a service that simplifies connectivity applications, and is suitable when IP communication is needed for remote facilities and efficient management of:

  • Broadband connections over Internet and mobile networks.
  • Technical alarms for operations centers.
  • Sensor data collection for service staff.



Easy day-to-day operations with activation and management via self service platforms


Ensures reliable and stable communication with your IoT devices


A scalable solution growing with your needs


Secure Internet access for any machine, system or device in combination with user authorization for remote access


Secure Internet Access – Provide systems secure and private Internet access via cellular and fixed line Internet connection

Protected System Access – Enables VPN protected access to systems such as CCTV systems, access control systems, intrusion alarms etc.

Authorized User Access – Authorizes selected users to remotely access protected devices and systems

Typical users

AddSecure operates the technology, whereas you can connect devices and focus into your business.

  • Operating managers who have several facilities to monitor and optimize.
  • Property managers with facilities spread over a geographical area.
  • Service and operating staff who need to control, regulate, and monitor electricity, communications, building management, water supplies, and wastewater.

AddSecure Connect IoT


Connect IoT is a reliable and flexible cellular and VPN connectivity solution including a router, which delivers secure IoT and ease-of-use through user-friendly device and connectivity management.

Edge RT7020 Security Router

AddSecure Edge RT7020 is a smart two-in-one gateway, which combines router functionality with alarm transmission for fire and intruder alarms. Certified according to EN 50136 Grade 4 (Intrusion) and EN 54-21 (Fire)

  • Up to 4 secured VPN connections

  • Supports any system using TCP/IP

  • 1 WAN / 4 LAN ports

  • 4 remotely managed outputs

  • 8 digital inputs

Services available within Connect IoT:

Internet Access

Provides systems secure and private Internet access via cellular and fixed line Internet connection.

VPN Remote Access (optional)

Enables a computer to securely connect to equipment on any of the LAN ports on the Edge RT. Can be used for remote service or configuration of the equipment.

VPN Site-to-site Access (optional)

The service Site-to-Site is used to build advanced networks, please contact AddSecure for more information.

Cellular data traffic bundle (xx MB)

If you need more cellular data than what is required in the regular service, there is a number of different bundles to choose from to fit your need.

Edge Manager

AddSecure Edge Manager is a commissioning tool for configuring, selecting add-ons, and activating the service and hardware. The service and communication platforms are monitored around the clock with staff ready to resolve major system errors on the platforms.

AddView and technical alarms (optional)

A web portal and app providing a full overview and control of technical alarms and disruptions in communication.

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