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Smart Rescue

In emergency response, every second counts. Our Smart Rescue solutions make sure organizations, crisis teams and emergency services can respond properly and act quickly.

Secured, reliable and proven solutions

Our Smart Rescue solutions help rescue services and other organizations prevent and respond to alarms, threats and emergencies. The solutions are monitored 24/7/365 and provide a clear path from incident to response. In addition to being used by rescue services, our solutions are also applied in industries, event arenas, hotels, schools, and other critical societal functions.

We make municipalities, industries, businesses and organizations into safer workplaces.

Set up your up local alarm receiving center to increase efficiency and save costs.

Speed up and shorten your lead-time between alarm and action with our digital in- and outward alarm transmission solution.

Limits personal injuries and safeguard workplaces.

Prevent or reduce the impact of a school incident until external help arrive.

AddSecure offers on-site preventive threat and violence training and also as an online training option.

How four Swedish schools secured their future

The number of security incidents in schools is increasing across Europe. The City of Gothenburg is putting safety in focus by upgrading its security solution in four of their schools.