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Smart Grids™

Digitize your power distribution grid and achieve smart, efficient, safe and secure operations. Get full control through systems for network station monitoring and analysis.

Secure, reliable and monitored data transfer based on standardized data transfer protocols.

Reduce network interruptions and minimize the number of subscribers affected.

Get insights on how to optimize your operations and prepare your network for future challenges.

Automatically collect and communicate information from geographically dispersed points in your network.

Convert measurement data from network stations into key figures and graphs. Get valuable information and insights to act upon.

Tailor-made solutions for your specific needs with access to industry experts.

Secure, efficient and reliable solutions

Our Smart Grid solutions provide you with reliable real-time information from the net to optimize power utilization, increase power accessibility and reduce operational costs. The solutions are flexible, and easy to install and maintain. Smart Grids solutions include fully monitored secure critical communications, and reliable and rugged equipment tested to industry standards, as well as digital support systems for fact-based decisions.

Why is it important to secure data and critical communications?

The new smart grids

To proactively meet future demands from consumers and from the state, Affärsverken in Karlskrona has developed a new solution for smart electricity networks.