ISO certifications and management system

AddSecure’s quality and environmental management system is certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our products, our customer relations, our environmental impact and ourselves. We comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining our business. The management system encompasses all our activities and attests that our processes and common practices meet international standards.

We are continuously working to integrate our acquired legal entities into the ISO certifications found below.

VerticalEntityISO 9001ISO 14001
Smart AlarmsAddSecure ABOKOK
AddSecure ASOKOK
AddSecure LtdOK-
AddSecure AGOK-
AddSecure OYOK OK
Smart RescueAddSecure Smart Rescue ABOKOK
Smart Care--
Smart Grids--
Smart Transport--




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Johanna Giorgi
Chief Sustainability Officer, AddSecure
[email protected]
Phone: +46 8 685 15 00




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