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Secure critical communications and secure data

The delivery of secure critical IoT communications and secure data is the key common feature across all AddSecure’s offerings.

Secure critical communications and secure data – our definition

The delivery of secure critical communications and secure data is the key common feature across all AddSecure’s offerings and is vital for our customers’ life- and business critical operations. This helps save lives, protect property and vital public services, and drives our customers’ business operations.

In our connected world, we define critical communications as in two or more devices communicating information that is truly critical to either a business’ operation, to people’s lives or to vital societal functions. To us, secure critical communications means that this connection between the devices is reliable, accessible and that it cannot be intercepted or interfered with.

Data is the information itself. To us, secure data means that this information not only get from point A to point B without interception or interference, but also that it is reliable, only available to authorized parties, and that it is stored and used in an ethical manner with regards to privacy.

The enabler for all our IoT connectivity solutions

At AddSecure we apply our IoT expertise through our secure critical communications technology based on IoT connectivity platforms and software solutions. We use this technology to build differentiated end-to-end solutions tailored to meet customers’ needs across different industries. Thus, this technology is the basis of everything we do, and the enabler for all our smart, secure, and reliable IoT connectivity solutions.

Our secure IoT solutions provide deep customer value by solving complex needs, provide quick responses to events and improve operational efficiency and productivity. We have over 450,000 connections which are routed through our IoT connectivity platforms triggering over 700 million events per day.

Our focus is on customers for whom secure signal transmission or safe data transfer is the key to operate successfully and profitably. For example, signals from fire or intruder alarms, communications from fleet management systems, and feeds from video surveillance are all transmitted through our IoT connectivity platforms, enabling data to be securely transmitted for the provision of services.

How we do it

We combine reliable IoT solutions with uncompromising, secure hardware and software. This together with our extensive experience enables us to provide secure critical communications and secure data across all our offerings.

About the technology

Our secure critical communications technology has a common technical architecture model, managing events from a connected device that transmits data through a secure connection to a software application that in turn provides information or notifications to the recipient, such as an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), which can respond to the event.

We create our smart and reliable IoT end-to-end solutions by combining technology and hardware from third-party suppliers, based on long-standing partnerships, with our own software solutions. The end-to-end solutions are generally built on three different components: hardware (with integrated software), secure communications and data management, and software applications. We either procure the hardware from third-party providers or develop our own in order to offer our differentiated end-to-end solutions.

Through deep integration with telecom providers, we are able to provide pan-European connectivity between connected devices and the software, transferred through our secure IoT connectivity platforms.

Secure communications and data management

The data or signals from the connected devices are transferred through a secure connection either wirelessly or through a fixed line (primarily Smart Alarms). The wireless secure connectivity is delivered via telecommunication networks, which we offer to our customers packaged with our solutions. We provide seamless pan-European connectivity but can also provide global coverage if needed.

In addition to providing the secure connectivity for our customers, we ensure that the data transferred from the device to the recipient is completely secure. Our secure critical communications solutions provide end-to-end security through a private cloud (VPN), routed through our back-end infrastructure and data centers, ensuring that the signals or data arrives to the correct recipient without any data leakage or interception.

Why secure IoT communications and secure data is so important

Secure IoT connectivity solutions are vital for our customers’ life- and business critical operations. They will help you save lives, protect property and vital public services, and drive your business operations.

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