A guide to finding the right temperature monitoring solution for your refrigerated fleet

Discover the pros and cons of the different types of temperature monitoring solutions on the market and which one might be best suited to your fleet and business requirements.

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Transporters of temperature sensitive goods, like food and pharmaceuticals, need to ensure their goods are transported within strict conditions. In this guide we take a look at the industry challenges, the regulations and what types of solutions there are for temperature monitoring.

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Keep compliant with strict industry legislations with comprehensive audit trails and audit logs of every journey.


Monitor the status of your temperature-sensitive goods in real-time and receive instant alerts of any temperature breaches.


Keep your customers in the loop with live ETA alerting and proof of temperature reports.

Being able to provide proof of temperature for the whole journey shows that we closely monitor the temperature of our deliveries, helping to improve customer confidence and gain new business.

Fraser Bayles, Managing Director, Cool Cube Logistics

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