Participate in our survey about the shift to electrical vehicles and alternative fuels

Road transport accounts for approximately 15% of the total CO2 emissions. There are many programs to cut these emissions, where the shift to electrical vehicles (EVs) or alternative fuels represent two major initiatives with big impact. At AddSecure, we are now inviting you to participate in our pan-European survey about the “EV Shift”. Give us your view of the future, and we will share with you the insights from hundreds of other transporting companies in Europe.

More about the survey

The web-based survey is conducted across Europe in 10 languages during the fall 2022. The insights and conclusions from the study will be presented in the report “EV state of the union” by AddSecure. All companies participating in the study will get a free copy of the report. The insights and conclusions from the strategic study will also be used as input to AddSecure, helping us to further focus our work on customer driven solutions for the future.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!