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Future proof your alarm communication

Following the successful series IRIS-800, IRIS Touch and IRIS Touch NG, IRIS-4 is now the fourth generation of the Alarm over IP product range.

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The IRIS system provides a simple, reliable and proven way to convert existing, analogue, security installations to modern digital IP communications, and has become one of Europe’s most widely used security system – trusted by security installers, monitoring centre operators and end-users.

Now, with support for 4G and a new processor enabling double the capacity and speed – improvements making the IRIS-4 terminal family future proof in regards to changes in the mobile networks and ready for new technologies.

All IRIS-4 products are tested and certified by the renowned VdS laboratories to the latest and highest European standards for alarm transmission.


Specifications AddSecure IRIS-4 Series

Fire retardant enclosure-----
Battery backup>15h--------
Touch screen---
Security Grade233344444
EN54-21 CPR Fire approved------
Ethernet ports1-11-2211
Dial Capture--
Inputs (pins)44444 standard +12 with add-on expansion board4 standard +12 with add-on expansion board4 standard +12 with add-on expansion board66
Serial RS485
Serial TTL
RS232 (basic )1x full or 2x basic1x full or 2x basic1x full or 2x basic2x basic2x basic
SMS text messaging---
Multi language menus
VoIP & SIP services
CAN bus------
EN 50131, EN 50136 VdS Certified)
The terminals are compliant with the requirements of European standards:
EN 50131-1: 2006+A2:2017 & EN 50131-10:2014
EN 50136-1: 2012 & EN 50136-2: 2013
Environmental Class II