Sykehuset Telemark

Customer overview

  • Skien Hospital is a general hospital situated in the south of Oslo, and is the headquarters of Sykehuset Telemark
  • With over ca. 3,000 employees and several different locations, Sykehuset Telemark in one of the largest organizations in the region


  • Streamlined approach in identifying lift alarms through the multifarious noises due to the machines, equipment and people within the wards of Skien Hospital
  • The challenge was to have a integrated platform capable of managing all its alarm transmissions systems


  • AddSecure’s solution was to equip all the hospital premises with lift, fire and technical alarms which provides highly secure transmission of confidential information and real-time monitoring
  • The AddView application enabled Sykehuset Telemark to easily get a complete control over all transmitters while identifying rapidly the source of an emergency