Storstenshöjden resort

Customer overview

  • The Storstenshöjden resort is located 20km from Örebro offering accommodation and activities all year round
  • Activities range from skiing in the winter to biking and fishing in the summer
  • The resort caters to a wide clientele from families to businesses willing to host events


  • The challenge was to ensure snow coverage on ski tracks by more efficient operation of their snow cannons, which meant real-time monitoring of the water level, pressure and flow from nearby lakes
  • Given the several pump stations along the lakes located across the resort, the client wanted to establish a remote monitoring and control system.


  • AddSecure partnered with Siemens to install wireless terminals that transmit data on-demand from sensors via a web portal based on the Mobiflex system
  • The Mobiflex solution enabled the Storstenshöjden resort to have real-time data and allowed the remote control of the pumps