Öresund bridge

Customer overview

  • The Öresund Bridge is a 16 km highway and railway between Sweden and Denmark that serves 70,000 daily travellers
  • It is a critical infrastructure asset that connects 3.6 million people in the Copenhagen/Malmö region


  • The Öresund Bridge is a multinational project that covers great distances and often needs to provide the highest security standards in tough and changing weather
  • Security guards were to patrol the area once a day, however, significant man-hours were wasted patrolling the vast area of empty space
  • The challenge was to improve and streamline the security protocols while reducing costs simultaneously


  • AddSecure partnered with Mindmancer to deliver an intelligent camera surveillance system that monitors the area and reports on all ongoing activities
  • The system achieved 70% in cost savings, provided better staff utilisation and above all improved surveillance
  • Guards can now be deployed to critical points as and when needed