Mölndals stad

Customer overview

  • The Mölndal municipality is home to 60,000 inhabitants and is the third largest municipality in the Västra Götaland region with a key focus to be an environmentally friendly place for their citizens
  • The Kikas recycling plant accepts and recycles all waste that is not accepted at local refuse bins
  • Citizens can dispose of their bulky waste, hazardous materials and electronics


  • Large value items needed to be supervised and there was a perception of insecurity after closing at night
  • The challenge was to prevent thefts that totalled about SEK 700,000 per year, without the unsustainable costs of keeping security guards on premises 24/7


  • AddSecure partnered with Mindmancer to deliver an intelligent camera surveillance system that monitors the premises around the clock
  • The systems paid for itself within one month, provided a safer work environment and gave management the peace of mind thanks to continuous event reports