SanTek provides CCTV to ICA Supermarket over reliable connection from AddSecure

When the ICA Supermarket in Järna, Sweden needed to upgrade their CCTV, they turned to SanTek as the leading complete CCTV provider.


A full review of their camera system resulted in a completely modern solution with new cameras, a central monitoring server and terminals in the store. Thanks to AddSecure’s secure mobile communication service, the entire solution can be controlled and monitored remotely without the risk of spying or unauthorised access.

“Having reliable CCTV in the store is crucial for us – both for preventing break-ins and in order to guarantee a safe and secure workplace for our staff. It’s about keeping an eye on everything going on in and around the store in real time, but also being able to go back and see what has happened afterwards. It’s important to have CCTV systems that really work, systems we can trust without having to think about it every day,” say Anna and Tomas Lindberg, owners of ICA Supermarket in Järna

When the CCTV system needed updating, it was natural for Anna and Tomas to turn to SanTek. As specialists in CCTV and with a long-established relationship with ICA Supermarket, SanTek were able to set up a customised solution which fitted perfectly with the store’s needs. The solution comprises the hardware and software required for effective CCTV with a secure connection to

SanTek to ensure reliability. Through their service agreement, SanTek monitors ICA Järna’s system and can troubleshoot, support and update the system remotely when needed.

“Our ability to provide remote monitoring and support has huge advantages both for our customers and for SanTek. We minimise the need to visit customers to maintain the CCTV system and, at the same time, we can offer ICA Järna full security through our proactive approach to seeing that everything is working as it should.  If something goes wrong, the system alerts us immediately. We can even solve certain problems before ICA Järna has realised what has happened,” explains Jörgen Waldemarson, Project Manager at SanTek

In order to secure communication between the local ICA store and SanTek – and make it possible to both monitor and remotely control the solution – they use AddSecure’s mobile service. The service guarantees a stable connection which is also protected from unauthorised access.

“With SanTek, we have a partner we can trust and thanks to AddSecure, we know that all monitoring is done in a secure way. Now we know we can focus on what we do best: looking after our customers, doing business safe in the knowledge that the CCTV system is working as it should,” conclude

“Now we know we can focus on what we do best: looking
after our customers, doing business safe in the knowledge that the
CCTV system is working as it should.” -Anna and Tomas Lindberg, owners of ICA Supermarket in Järna, Sweden

AddSecure is a leading company in secure critical communication. The company was founded in the early 70s and today has over 100,000 users and around 175 employees in the Nordic region. Our communication services for alarm and IoT communication protect lives, property and vital societal functions. They are flexible, easy to install and enhance our customer’s competitive advantage. Our ambition is to be the clear, number one choice in the Nordic region and the leading firm in Northern Europe.

SanTek Kameraövervakning is a complete CCTV provider. Since 1995, we have installed over 4,000 systems in a variety of industries and for a range of applications. The customer’s reality is our starting point for designing the right solution for increased safety and security. With our strong expertise and availability, we work as partners by taking responsibility for delivery and we offer post-sale support and service to guarantee a reliable CCTV system.


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Further information is available at www.santek.se