The AddSecure Group

On our journey towards becoming Europe's  leading supplier of secure communication for alarm and IoT-solutions, we are growing steadily. Through strategic acquisitions, we are adapting to market needs so we can provide our customers with the best solutions for tomorrow's security challenges.

The companies that are a part of the AddSecure Group are:



AddSecure offers solutions that make our customers better equipped for tomorrow’s security challenges. We monitor communication between our customers’ alarm systems, alarm reception and we make it easy for devices to securely communicate with each other.

Our products are certified according to international and national standards to provide the best possible solution within secure critical communications.

Today, AddSecure has more than 100,000 satisfied subscribers of secure alarm communications.
AddSecure has offices in Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo and headquarters in Stockholm.


Chiron Security Communications

Chiron has designed and developed communications systems for the security industry for over 27 years.

Their solutions are both innovative and applicable, and relied upon by banks and insurance companies and by the security systems providers themselves.

The company is well known within the European and world markets as a provider of advanced Alarms over IP (AoIP) systems. Over the last few years, Chiron has built a market lead in many markets across Europe, with over 200 monitoring centers in 46 countries using the Chiron IRIS AoIP system.



Contal Security

Contal Security offers comprehensive solutions for digital in- and outward alarm, access control systems, integrated security systems, alarm transmission and product manufacturing and repairs. The company has solid experience and competence in development and product manufacturing from its own factory of technologically advanced, cost-effective and user-friendly security products.

Contal Security is one of Sweden's leading digital security systems solutions provider and offers various solutions for digital input and output alarming to both private, government and municipal customers. For example, the system solutions are installed on nearly 150 rescue services in Sweden. The company also offers design, installation and deployment of its products as well as development and construction of tailor-made systems.

Contal Security also offers customized courses with a mix of theory and simulated practical exercises as well as customized service and support. Together with Contal OK in Slovakia, the company operates internationally and can thus cater to customers with Europe's latest technology.

Read more about Contal Security (in Swedish):


Smart Grid Networks

Smart Grid Networks design and delivers solutions for reliable communication systems, distribution measurement, fault detection and network automation of energy systems. Their solutions contribute to greater efficiency, and improved monitoring and control.

 “We will always provide our customer the best and most secure solutions for tomorrows distribution network. We hope that our innovative methods will help our customers in taking the lead of the necessary adaptation of the energy system by offering systems that will increase the measurement and control of the network.”

- Erling Gustavsson, Business Manager, Smart Grid Networks

Smart Grid Networks is built on a unique competence and many years of experience in the digital communication and network automation field. Smart Grid Networks mission is to provide smart solutions and services for cost effective improvement and adaptations of the distribution network.